So time equals money.  And there are 500 million Facebook users.  And 50% (HALF!) visit Facebook every single day for an average of ten minutes a visit.

That’s 2.5 BILLION minutes a day.

Should anyone really question whether Facebook is worth $40 billion?

Of course it is.  It’s a Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon world and the faster small business wakes up to that the better.

The Business Behind Facebook

If you are a small business and you don’t yet have a Facebook Page, stop complaining about those “noisy dirty automobiles” and park your horse and buggy at the curb.

Burn the buggy (your Yellow Pages ad budget) sell the horse (your direct mail budget) and take that money to build a proper website, blog and pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Cause there’s talk of a new recession for 2011.

Let’s call it The Facebook Recession.

Moms and dads who grew up driving to the mall to talk with their friends and buy at your store are now chatting on Facebook.  Kids who don’t talk to each other unless it’s by text or Facebook post don’t see your sign or your ad unless it’s on their phone.

Facebook is a time suck.  And it’s a revenue suck for small business.  You have to do something about it to stay relevant.  You have to embrace it.  We see way too many of our small business friends half-assing it and that ain’t gonna cut it any more.

Think about that New Year’s resolution today.

Resolve that the Facebook Recession will not eat your small business.