Facebook AdsA huge chunk of the $1.86 BILLION in revenue that Facebook made last year came from self-service advertising. About 60% of it according to eMarketer.

The self-service system on Facebook is the easiest way for a small business to reach a  highly targeted segment of the Facebook population.  You can limit your budget, turn your ad on and off, only pay if your ad gets clicked, edit your ad and split-test it too.  Split-test? We’ll cover that another time.

You can’t ignore where everyone is hanging out.  It’s like walking by a busy restaurant when you’re hungry and claiming the food in there is no good.

Say what?

After all, you’re hungry for sales and the old ways aren’t working.  In the meantime, here are all these people sitting around talking to each other and telling you what they are interested in.

And that is the key.

Where else are you going to be able to target people based on their interests, geography, age all at once for maybe $5 a day?

Here’s the catch though.  You can’t go in thinking it’s an ATM.  Facebook advertising  is more of a lead generation tool than anything else.  It’s not going to close the deal for you.  If you are good at closing hot leads you should jump all over it.

But you have to be smart about the ad you create.  It better be a great offer. And it should have a good landing page. And that landing page has to shout at them to take one action and one action only.

You may need help doing that.

If you do, email us here.

Great article from Reuters on small business advertising and Facebook here.