survivorWe are all living on Recession Island.

The good news is no one can vote you off.

The bad news is there’s no food, no shelter and no place to go.

So what are you going to do?

Make the best of it.


Hang in there and try and get through the next 18 months, which is how long many economists are saying our stay on the island will  last.

You can take a page out of Survivor and employ these six tactics to outwit, outplay and outlast your competition.

1.  Build alliances quickly.

Now is the time to find out who your friends are and get them to help you with the returned favor of you helping them.  “We are all in it together”, should be the mindset.  If you have doubts as to their loyalty, stay away.  Now is not the time to be blindsided by a frenemy.

2.  Have a strategy.

Know what your endgame is and have everything drive off of that.  Don’t just think daily tactics but make those actions have purpose and lead you to the goal.  Anyone can be busy.  Anyone can look busy.  Not everyone is capable or willing to think through an endgame and work backwards to develop a plan to make it happen.  There is time to do this now.  Do it.

3.  Conserve your energy.

This goes back to being busy for busy’s sake.  Recession Island is a place of limited resources, so it’s important to hold on to what you have and not expend those resources in a wasteful manner.  Cut where you can cut.  Conserve cash.  Keep your best people if you can.

4.  Strike at the right time.

If a competitor has gone out of business, how much of their market share can you grab?  Not much if you sit back and wait for their customers to find you.  Maybe you can call your former rival and work out a referral deal or finder’s fee.

5.  Know your weaknesses.

Do what you are good at and stick with that.  Respect your time and remember that if you overreach you can get blindsided.  We all know someone who has false confidence and how badly they repeatedly get burned.  “Know thyself” and good things will come.

6.  Capitalize on your strengths.

Hammer away at what you do best.  Do it over and over again.  Send a message to the marketplace that this is who you are and what your exact intentions are.  Let no one doubt you are a player and here to stay.

Do all that…and who knows?

You may end up the sole survivor.