Social Media Use Doubles for Small Business

Small businesses across the country are increasing their use of social media for marketing purposes.

Since 2009, according to The Small Business Success Index (sponsored by Network Solutions  – shocking I know), social media adoption by small business has doubled from 12% participation to 24%.

About 1 in 5 small businesses are actively using social media as a part of their marketing efforts.

75% have a company page on a social networking site.

61% report using social media to identify and attract new customers.

57% have built a network through a site like LinkedIn or Ning.

45% expect to make their social media outputs profitable in the next 12 months.

The findings show more and more small businesses are redirecting print and other traditional push marketing dollars into interactive social media and saving money at the same time.

It seems that “customer engagement” is actually beginning to mean something to the small business owner.

But social media is not without its concerns.

We hear this…

“It’s going to take a lot of time.” (actually it doesn’t have to)


“People are going to criticize us.” (and the problem with that is??)

Now is the time to get on board with the upheaval social media has caused when it comes to finding and connecting with your customers.  We’ve been saying that for awhile here but there really are no excuses left.

20 Replies to “Social Media Use Doubles for Small Business”

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  3. The one thing all businesses should NOT do is Follow people based on keyword searches. Do Not Do That. I Block Followers like that. If I want to know about your business, I’ll find out. I don’t want you stalking me on Twitter.

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  8. Mike thanks that is a great insight and I think you have the kind of viewpoint that a lot of small businesses can benefit from because of daily battles for exposure that you engage in. Plus there is only one Mike Cane!

  9. Two other major business blunders…
    1) Using social media so you can sell, sell, sell… This is wrong, wrong, wrong… Use social media to learn, to build relationships, to make connections–not to sell your stuff.
    2) If businesses are phoney, pretend to be interested in what folk have to say, or pander to “the audience”, then folk will quickly find you out. People’s BS detectors are highly-atttuned to that kind of false identity.

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  12. Like so much else in business, I think that clarity of purpose is critical when entering the world of Social Media. Why are you doing this?

    I know that last year when I started exploring Twitter I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I knew that it was critical that I discover whether I was missing something important. And based on that clarity, I am thrilled I gave myself a few months to ‘just explore’. I now have a different kind of clarity and am able to focus on different outcomes from my use of Twitter.

    I think the people who are most successful at using social media are those who are awake and personally engaged. I mean, it is SOCIAL media after all. As Mike pointed out, using automated strategies like following based on keyword search is counterproductive. You actually have to be present enough to engage with some kind of meaning.

    And Mike, not to worry. I won’t stalk you on Twitter or anywhere else!

    Gwen McCauley

  13. Great Point Michael and the latest incarnation of being phony is by pretending to be helpful and social but still being just out for yourself. I am seeing that a lot… It’s as if there was a giant social media coach out there teaching everyone that you just have to PRETEND to be helpful and that will work and of course it doesn’t. People are so good as seeing through all of us.

  14. Gwen, yup listening is key and knowing what you are about is too. Sounds so simple but it is not! You are blessed to have realized this from the outset. A lot of frustration will be avoided!

  15. Yep, I echo Mike… at best your heart sinks with all these marketers following you. No thought. They just follow, then move on to the next. It’s a numbers game, but fails miserably. At worst, I get in a rage and fire out deranged hyena on acid missives to make the marketers melt like wax in a thermo-nuclear reactor.

    The game is easy. Just be yourself. Say any god-damned thing that doesn’t land the CIA or FBI or MI6 on your doorstep – but the truth is, I actually half expect them to arrive on mine any day now.

    The problem with business people is they’re scared to show who they really are. That’s understandable. We all are. Even me – but I just can’t control myself and fury and insanity and deranged loathing takes over by the day.

    So, anyway, let us call on ALL MARKETERS AND BUSINESS PEOPLE EVERYWHERE (who wanna do social networking) to down a WHOLE bottle of Rebel Yell, snort 7 lines of cocaine, eat a bowlful of magic mushrooms and then fire out those tweets and status updates. Better still, make sure you do it on LinkedIn – that’s the place to fly like a buzzard with its head in a bucketful of peyote buttons…

    I’ll follow any marketer or biz head if they do that. They MUST do that.

  16. Doc you are onto something as a lot of biz types are scared shitless and creatives get too out there.. Gotta be some place where you can merge the two and be effective. The drone of most marketers is wasted energy and not even energetic. Gotta make meaning and connect when you speak, or don’t speak at all.

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