What would be the single worst business to get into right now?


For the latest bleak assessment, see here.

Yet Seth Godin recently suggested that starting a newspaper is exactly what small business owners should consider doing.

Not print of course, online.


Because it won’t cost you any money, it won’t take a lot of time (providing you delegate) and it will get you leads for your business.

If things are a little slow in the office, it’s not a bad idea.

Interview some local figures and businesses, get some “subscribers” who are willing to give you their email addresses and start sending it out by email once or twice a week.

Our only caveat would be not to create something crappy just for the sake of doing it.

Add value to your local community by doing something that will strengthen your brand and provide a voice and an angle others may be missing.

As Godin and others have pointed out, the next battleground for business is local.

And the new mantra for small business owners needs to be…

Think local and act local.

Even if it’s outside your comfort zone.