small-business-loan_350What else are you going to do?

Can anyone listen to any more bad news without realizing that the game has changed for good?

That the old path of going to college, graduating and embarking on a long career with a single company (or two or three) is a thing of the past?

It’s over.

It’s all about You, Inc.

The good news is that there are more cheap tools available now more than ever.  You can bootstrap and spread the word about your business with accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  You can use email marketing programs like Constant Contact and MailChimp.  You can open a account for CRM (customer relationship management).

You can even track your Net Promoter Score, and build an email list and use it to refer others through a little company out of Phoenix, we discovered called Promoterz.

Almost all of these services are free and none cost more than $150 per month.

But you have to offer something valuable and you must have a unique selling proposition.

What can set you apart?  All of marketing starts with that single question.  Why should I buy from you?

You may not know it but chances are there is something about you and/or what you do that makes people gravitate toward you.

It could be your work ethic, your enthusiasm, your follow-through, your ideas, your salesmanship.

If you can tap into that one thing and build a story around it, you’ll be marketing like a madman.

Maybe not as nutty as these guys (who I love) but you get the idea.

This can be fun.

You can do it.

We can help along the way.

Look for our iPod Best Small Business Idea contest coming soon!