Eric Felton of the Wall Street Journal has a great article out today entitled “Who Needs an MBA When We Have ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’?”

He opens up with the recent arrest of Nicolas Cage and the fact that he was bailed out by Duane Chapman, the above-mentioned bounty hunter and TV star.

Chapman runs a bail bonds business, which is about as far away from the Fortune 500 as you can get.   Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro has a Hoboken, NJ bakery.  The Brand accutane over the net boys run crab fishing boats.  The guys from American Chopper make custom motorcycles.  And right here in Orange County, Dave Hester and Jarrod Schultz mix it up on Storage Wars, buying and selling abandoned storage unit items, often at a healthy profit.

You can’t get a much better education on basic small business skills when you watch these shows.  Yes, there are some moments that seem pretty scripted with your classic storytelling cast of characters, but the core idea is people willing to make it the hard way.

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams, again in the Wall Street Journal, wrote an article last Saturday called How to Get a Real Education, which basically told students to forget about art history and calculus and learn to run a business.  It was a spot on assessment from a millionaire cartoonist. We know what most of us are up against in terms of income inequality in this country. So doesn’t it make sense to sharpen your entrepreneurial claws and grab what’s yours?

Nothing has changed more in the U.S. recently than the basic business promise corporations used to make to their employees and the fields of marketing and advertising.

It’s why this blog exists.

Because gone are the days of leisurely lunches and collecting a fat salary with massive benefits.

And running the same print ads and direct mail campaigns you ran last year, and the year before that, and the year before that…

More than ever, it’s all about basic business street smarts adapting like crazy and knowing how to market and sell stuff. You gotta close deals and make things happen. And you gotta do it better, faster, cheaper or friendlier than the next guy to stand out.

Because the hard truth is this – you ARE a small business, whether you know it or not.