Our family got lucky on Sunday when our beloved Boston Red Sox came to Orange County to play the Angels.

Confession: I love SoCal, but I’m a native New Englander.

Thanks to our friends, we got to experience the dugout suites right on the field.

When it comes to watching pro baseball, it doesn’t get any better than this:


It was a terrific game, which the Angels eeked out by a single run.  It even featured a bench-clearing brushback pitch that led to a couple of ejections.

Our family had a great time:


And we were not alone.

Red Sox Nation regularly generates the largest visiting team fan attendance in major league baseball.  When you go to an Angels game and hear “Let’s go Red Sox!”, it is LOUD, due to the thousands of die-hard Sox fans who scramble for tickets.

So you buy all the gear and that overpriced soda for your daughter…


and hope  it will be worth it.

If you are lucky, you’ll leave the ballpark with an empty wallet but some great memories and a warm and fuzzy feeling from experiencing America’s National Pastime.

And…maybe not.

Because chances are if your team loses, you will not be happy.

It is a game after all.

There is a winner and a loser.

And the bottom line is…

Everyone loves a winner.

Nothing does more for the marketing and goodwill of any team than delivering on the field.

You have to have a great product.

And the Red Sox are a great product.

But it didn’t happen until new ownership came along and decided to pay for quality players, resulting in one of the highest payrolls in baseball.

Throw in a great story (“Reverse the Curse!) and it’s no wonder that the Red Sox continue to be one of the biggest attractions in baseball.

Great products make us all great marketers