Let’s face it.

Pretty much every sales funnel looks like this one (except it’s not horribly drawn like mine).

The interesting thing about social media is that a lot of folks enjoy pretending that this sales funnel does not exist.

But it does.

And it must…especially if anyone wants to get any kind of meaningful results out of it.

So let’s stop pretending there is no sales funnel, ok?

If you are building a community and making friends on Twitter, you are doing it for you. Yes you may be creating a “tribe” and want to “get to know” you members/fans, but you are doing it solely so you can benefit somehow.

It’s no different than the volunteer worker driven by the need to be seen as a good person.

And you and I have no problem with that whatsoever.

Doesn’t matter what the motivation is.

What matters is the work.

But in the interest of “authenticity” and “transparency”, let’s just be honest about why you’re really doing all of this.

It always has been and it still is…about you.

And that’s ok.