businesslightnessEveryone loves the beginning.

Whether it’s a movie, a romance, a game, a dinner, the beginning is the best part, fraught with anticipation, excitement, hopes and fears.


That scalamander, curmudgeon, defier of dreams and soul-crushing killer of big ideas.

Like starting your own business.

There you are one minute floating on the glorious winds of your master plan to build a niche in the world of cartoon nail painting and the next thing you know FEAR knocks on the door.

“Hey, it’s me.”

“Just wanted to let you know I’m still here.”

“You don’t have to answer back.”

“Just checkin’ in.”

“Have a nice day.”

And you’re off again.

Planning, dreaming, scheming and thinking of the next time that miserable prick will come calling and what you’ll say to him.

Hoping that you’re doing enough, making the RIGHT decisions, not letting him think he can just barge in any old time and knock you out of the sky and back down to earth.

This is where friends and getting off your ass matter the most.

Picking up the phone and conducting a quick therapy session with a fellow crazy person can do wonders.

Doing lots and lots of stuff  THAT MAKES SENSE TO DO also can keep that bastard at bay.

But he’ll never go away.

Cause you need him.

So you don’t get all Balloon Boy wacko on us.

And if you think that may be happening call somebody, heck call me.

I can relate.