Soon you’ll be able to order a beer with your Ultimate Burrito.

Is this a good thing?

David Kim seems to think so.

He owns Fresh Enterprises, which runs 300 Baja Fresh Mexican Grill franchises and has been battling the Wahoo’s and Rubio’s of the casual Mexican food circuit.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that when Baja Fresh first came on the scene, my friends and I ate there often, mostly for lunch.

But we all stopped going.

They just got boring and there were better alternatives.

Wendy’s bought them in 2002 for $275 million but ran it into the ground and sold it to Kim for $31 million in 2006.

Kim is trying to find a formula that will produce financial stability and growth.

He thinks dinner and drinks is the trick and has an Irvine prototype somewhere to prove it.

Anybody know where it is let us know.

In the meantime, are you really gonna go have a drink at Baja Fresh?