Should we have a blog?

It’s a question posed by many small business owners.

At Waxpoetix and Mobo Media we hear it a lot.

And the answer is…

It depends.

It depends on your business, on your level of commitment to blogging and on whether or not you think you have something to say.

Blogging is not for everyone and it’s pretty crowded out there (more than 100 million blogs), but if your business is set up as a service where you need to establish yourself as an expert, it makes sense.

It also makes sense if you are positioning your product as a tie-in to a movement or social cause.

The key thing is that there has to be enough to talk about and enough people to be interested in your topic.

If there is a lifestyle that exists around your product or service, like Voluntourism, it makes sense.

If there is a steep learning curve on your subject matter, like wine, it makes sense.

If you can show off a portfolio of work it makes sense.

But you must have a strategy and you can’t get too worked up if you hit a few stumbling blocks.

The key thing is to be helpful and keep offering useful information while you build a readership.

Ask your readers (once you get beyond your mom and your cat) what they would like to see.

And don’t get all hung up on writing brilliant posts all the time.  It’s better to post than to have a stagnant blog which will be guaranteed to die a slow ugly death.

If you have a blogging story (success or failure) which you would like to share here, let me know!