Two Guys One Fiesta and No Fear

by Steve Averill on February 9, 2010

So my buddy Justin Moore-Brown, aka @BigHeadAsian on Twitter, aka  my partner at OCJobTalk, has launched his latest project with his friend Anthony called twoguysonefiesta.

It is their attempt to be chosen as Ford Fiesta Agents, which I guess means they get a car to drive around for free in exchange for promoting it online.

Sounds pretty sweet!

If you go to their site you can tell they just flat out GET IT when it comes to social media.

They are self-deprecating, fun and passionate about the product.

What more could Ford want?

Good luck guys!

1 Justin Moore-Brown February 9, 2010 at

U r the best brotha. Big time thanks for the shout out!

2 Steve Averill February 9, 2010 at

no problemo would love to see you guys get picked – who the Hell else are they going to choose?? ;-)

3 Debbie Lavdas August 16, 2010 at

Like the vid! They should be so lucky. Debbie

4 Debbie Lavdas August 16, 2010 at

Love it, @BigHeadAsian Did you get picked? Two Guys One Fiesta and No Fear

5 Steve Averill August 16, 2010 at

Thanks Debbie! They did not get picked but I bet they do some video promotions together for some local businesses real soon. Steve

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