orange-county-ncDisneyland meet Duke.

Tow Head meet Tar Heel.

Orange County, California meet Orange County, North Carolina.

What can I bring back from a family vacation in the Eastern OC that would help small businesses in our OC?

I count five things so far:

1.  Pride – Everyone hears about Southern Pride,  but until you actually see it and experience it, you realize how much of a difference maker it is.  They care about their little world.

2.  History – Yeah we don’t have much of it, but it’s worth reminding everyone of your past accomplishments because so many are faking it.

3.  Sense of Place –  Sometimes in SoCal it feels like everyone is just passing through.  If you can make your place a true hangout no matter what it is you have something worth talking about.

4.  Hospitality – There is nothing more effective in customer retention and prospect building that checking your ego at the door and accommodating others.

5.  Haste Makes Waste – If you slow it down a little and take more time that you normally would in everything you do, you may uncover a more effective and efficient way of getting things done.

We’re gonna do everything in Southern time today so I’ll let you know if I learned anything tomorrow.