Case of the MondaysCyber Monday for many small business owners is more than just a case of the Mondays.

It’s a day when chickens come home to roost in the form of clicks and dollars that go everywhere except your pockets.

And why?

Well, shockingly, because 46% of small businesses DON’T EVEN HAVE A WEBSITE, as reported by eMarketer and Ad-ology.

Small business owners cite “cost” and “the need for control” as two of the main reasons why they are reluctant to beef up their online presence.

Using hosted shopping cart solutions that do not charge transaction fees is one way to jump in the pool without drowning.

Both Volusion and BigCommerce are relatively simple and affordable platforms that offer custom functionalities that can at the very least put get you into the online game.


You can hire a designer to help you set up either system and make it jive with your aesthetics and overall branding.  There are a lot of independent contractors who only do Volusion setups (I know from experience) and I assume you can find the same for BigCommerce.

Once you commit to a platform, you will then find the challenge of driving traffic to your site to, at times, be daunting.  But this is a strong first step.  And a great way to avoid a case of the Mondays.