We Need You

We need you.
We need your service.
We need your product.
We need your courage, your conviction, your enthusiasm.
We’re waiting.
For you.

(stick with this vid past the 1:12 mark, you will not be disappointed)

14 Replies to “We Need You”

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  3. This is awesome! There’s a fine line between crazy guy and leader…

  4. I love this video! I love hearing people laugh at the guy and then being astounded at what he started. It’s a great analogy for the entrepreneurial struggle.

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  8. I keep watching it…nothing is more appealing than someone who is committed and passionate about what they’re doing…and you’re right it’s a compression of the entrepreneur’s struggle

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  11. Truly wonderful, delightful!
    Lead boldly, and others *will* follow. Then, let them lead also (and lose yourself in the crowd, at that point).
    Thank you.

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