“Hey look, that’s Phil Jackson.”

I had just sat down for lunch with my boss in the Valley about four years ago when he pointed to a table across the room.

Three men sat together in a booth.

Phil JacksonJohn WoodenTex Winter.


The High Priesthood of basketball coaching.

We ate our lunch and because my boss was friendly with Wooden, we made our way to the table.

Jackson was closest to me.  We struck up a quick conversation about a game he coached in my hometown early in his career and that was it.

Very friendly guy.

I have a soft spot for Phil Jackson.  Mainly because he is someone that took an intensely curious mind and channeled it all into one great passion:  bringing people together to achieve a common goal.

It’s not about basketball.

It’s about finding your passion and winning.

And to win you need some kind of team.

Whether it’s your family or partners or who you outsource your stuff to or your actual employees, you need help.

With that in mind, here are what I consider to be  Jackson’s 10 Best Lessons on Teamwork:

1.  It’s about us, not you.

2.  People first, process second.

3.  Discover what motivates each individual.

4.  Always be teaching.

5.  Find inspiration from unlikely sources.

6.  Have a massive goal that everyone can buy into.

7.  Let your team make mistakes and find their own way out of it.

8.  Encourage your stars to lead.

9.  Be cool when others around you are losing their heads.

10.  Date the boss’s daughter.

Did I miss anything?  Oh yeah…Go Lakers!