The iconic Bill Lumbergh of Office Space fame is the exact person we all need to model at a time like this.

Not because he is the embodiment of every horrible boss anyone has ever had, but because he is a guy who totally, completely 100% has the blinders on. You can’t convince this guy of any other reality except his own. Hey Lumbergh! The economy is in the crapper! Yeah…I’m gonna need you to come in on Sunday…

In the meantime the Wall Street Journal darkens our doorstep with an editorial entitled The Age of Prosperity is Over.

So what’s a small business person or entrepreneur supposed to do? Crawl up in a corner and cry? Or pull together some personal mosaic of every arrogant jerk you’ve ever met and spit into the wind. Channel your inner Lumbergh. Because if you can get through this (and not everyone will) you can get through anything.