copybloggerThere are 70million blogs out there.

I follow a couple hundred.

I read fifty.

One haunts me.

Brian Clark’s Copyblogger is one of the most popular blogs in the world and has generated millions of dollars in sales for Clark and his partners.

It is a site with a laser-like focus on online copywriting and social media content strategies.

And it makes me puke.


Because Brian and his team are incessantly devoted to smashing any fantasy I may have about avoiding the real work of online success.

They put people like me through Dreamer’s Withdrawl.

Think you are a decent writer and that alone will drive people to read your blog, your email newsletter, your sales letter,etc.?

Think again.

Because there is this thing out there called “reality”, which in Copyblogger World means “how human beings respond to the written word”.

Talent doesn’t always mean success.

Thoreau said, “Nothing is more common than unrewarded talent.”

You have to APPLY that talent.

There are time-tested and proven copywriting  principles that generate results online and almost all of them live at Copyblogger.

Web 2.0 has so lowered the bar for any half-baked concept that you think, “Wow!  Look at all these cool tools!   All I have to do is slap up a site and tie it to a blog and Facebook and Twitter and I’m off and running!”

Copyblogger will slap that notion silly.

It will force you to rethink what your are doing.

And get real.