A few months back, a new ultra lounge opened up in Irvine on MacArthur Blvd near John Wayne Airport, called iLounge.

It’s a well-appointed and impressive space run by professional club promoters who are talented and connected. They have developed what seems to be a sustainable vision in a very fickle, tough, competitive market.

They’ve really done their homework.

Well, most of it anyway.

The problem?

iLounge is the name of the biggest website on the planet for iPod users. iLounge.com gets over 20 million page views a month . It’s a significant brand with a lot of goodwill and sweat equity behind it. And where is it headquartered? San Francisco? New York? LA? Nope. Irvine.


The last we heard was that iLounge the club will be promoting themselves as iLounge Orange County. They are launching their website on November 24.