Hugh Macleod is a cartoonist who has a blog.

It’s called GapingVoid.

It gets two million unique visitors every month.

A few years back, he wrote a post called “How to Be Creative“.

More than a million people downloaded it.

The post served as an inspiration for his book to be released June 11 entitled Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity.

I read the book over the weekend and found it inspirational, hysterical, practical and fanatical.

Fanatical in the sense that Hugh will not let anyone off the hook for being afraid to pursue and achieve success, in whatever form it may be (#10. “Everyone has their own private Mt. Everest they were put on this earth to climb”).

And fanatical in that you can tell he revels in the slaying of naysayers (#29. “Power is never given. Power is taken.”).

And the naysayers abound.

They are the “everybody” he refers to.

All those folks who want to keep you in that nice little box of knowing, so that their relationship with you does not change.

What you find in Hugh and the book, is a brilliant, ballsy mind that seeks the outer edge of all things marketing and internet and business culture to serve as a guidepost for creative types who need a kick in the butt.

And kick he does.

With shots to the jaw that at first glance may sound trite, but are simply truthful.

Like “Put the hours in” (#3) and “None of this is Rocket Science” (#40)

He lays waste to any excuse machine you may have built to avoid getting stuff done.

The guy is a doer.

The real deal.

Someone who will have a legacy.

And his book is an act of generosity which has been culled down to the essentials so that you and I may benefit.

It is written in bite-size portions with his signature cartoons interspersed, which makes the read enjoyable and light, while still cut-to-the-chase provocative.

Do yourself a favor and pick one up.