No one’s buying. It’s a common refrain we are all hearing. You can only control so much. One thing you can control is what Stephen Covey called the “gap between stimulus and response.” If the stimulus is less customers walking in the door, then the gap is how you treat those who are.

We could get into a long post about CLV, Customer Lifetime Value or the idea behind answering Fred Reichheld’s “the ultimate question” which results in a survey-determined Net Promoter Score, but you don’t have time for that and we’ll revisit it in a later post.

Instead we offer Zappos. CEO Tony Hsieh, with 1600 employees and $1 Billion in sales this year, certainly does not run a small business. But he acts as though he does. He is a fanatic when it comes to customer service and Zappos is known for having a committed culture based on set principles. And Tony acts as role model.

On a whim, I tweeted him yesterday about an upcoming conference that he is speaking at in San Francisco next month. I told him my partners and I were debating whether to go and his presence was sort of becoming a deciding factor. Less than an hour later he responded directly. Think we’re gonna go?